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Could GTA 6 release in 2024? What is known about the plot of the new part of the legendary game

Before the Internet community had time to discuss the news that the Rockstar studio was actively working on the creation of a new part of Grand Theft Auto, Jason Schreier, a well-known American eSports journalist, made his assumption.
Insider Tom Henderson posted a video in which he spoke about Grand Theft Auto VI. However, many fans did not believe in the veracity of the information, since Henderson had not previously predicted anything regarding the GTA series. Nevertheless, Schraer dispelled the fears of the players, noting that all the rumors coincide with what he heard from his informants.
It is reported that the actions of the new part of the Grand Theft Auto series of games should take place in several cities in Florida, among which will be the modern Vice City, which appears in one of the first parts of the franchise.
According to Henderson, the map of the city will be smaller than fans of the series expect, but there will be much more activities. In addition, with the release of various add-ons, new territories will open.
In addition, several heroes will be available for passage in the game at once, among which there is also a “bright” female character who will be engaged in hacking various equipment.
The insider also noted that new vehicles will appear in the game, for example, a wingsuit, or a wingsuit designed for planning flights.
It is known that now the sixth part of the franchise is in the early stages of development, and according to the plan, it should be released in 2025 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. At the same time, previous generations of consoles will not see the future title.
Henderson also noted that in the sixth part of the series, players will once again be able to use the stock market to earn money, and some missions will be paid for with cryptocurrency.
The plot will consist of several chapters, and it will be based on the fight against the mafia, which is engaged in drug trafficking, the estimated time for passing the game will be 60 hours.
There may be four main characters: driver Walter Wallace, smuggler Thomas Branigan, drug dealer Marcus Burke, and a military man whose name is unknown.

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