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5 Warwick St, Worthing, BN11 3DF

Intel introduced a universal service for synchronizing smartphones with a PC

Intel has announced a program called Unison designed to connect iOS and Android smartphones to computers with the latest Intel processors.
Using such an application, the user will be able to synchronize calls, messages and media content between a smartphone on iOS and Android and a computer.
In other words, with Unison through a PC, it will be possible to receive and make calls, send and reply to messages, receive notifications and share photos or files. Intel VP of Mobile Innovation Josh Newman noted that due to restrictions imposed by Apple, some Unison features will be slightly limited when paired with an iPhone.
Unison will be available initially on the Intel Evo platform and laptops from Acer, HP and Lenovo. With the arrival of PCs based on Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake processors, which Intel introduced yesterday, the availability of the Unison communications service should expand significantly.

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