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Let’s protect your phone with glass or film

The display is an integral part of any modern smartphone, thanks to the exchange of data between the user and the gadget. Therefore, it is important to keep it in working condition, and for this we recommend purchasing a protective glass.
This method allows you to protect the phone screen from mechanical damage in the event of a fall or impact, which will extend the life of the gadget and keep its former glamorous look. The modern market for accessories used to protect cell phone sensors offers a wide range of protection options – these can be various covers, films and glasses. Buy Tempered Glass for your Phone with us!
What is the best screen protector for smartphones?
The first selection criterion is the phone model. Among the different options for the thickness of protection, choose the average. With gradation from 0.1 to 1 mm, it is better to stop at 0.3-0.33 mm. Such glass will provide sufficient protection, while not disfiguring the device and will not reduce the sensitivity of the display. The second criterion is the adhesive layer. For flat 2D glasses without a frame, glue is applied around the perimeter of the screen. For 2.5D and 3D with a colored frame, only the frame or the entire surface of the glass can be covered with glue. The latter option is preferable because it doesn’t leave dots and “”oil slick”” effects on the screen.
Basically, modern safety glass consists of 5 layers:
  • Silicone base
The silicone base is a layer that fixes the glass on the screen and ensures that it fits as tightly as possible to the display surface. It is this base that is needed in order to easily install the protective glass on the screen, or to remove the old protective glass without a trace. The basis is protected by a transport film, or a substrate.
  • Thin film coated with clean adhesive
A thin film with adhesive prevents the glass from shattering in case of damage (similar to the principle of automobile glass).
  • Strained glass
The most important and durable part of the composite is tempered glass, which provides protection for the smartphone screen. Passes a special physical and chemical treatment (hardening).
  • Anti-reflective coating
It extinguishes glare, which is formed when rays of light pass through the protective glass.
  • Oleophobic coating
What is the oleophobic coating on the protective glass – this is a special glass coating that repels grease and moisture.

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